The most effective dog cooling product

Our goal is to provide you and your customers with the most effective dog cooling collar that stands out in the retail market. Kool Collar is different from every other dog cooling product because simulate sweat by using melting ice to create evaporative cooling. Other cooling products may feel "cool" to to the touch, but without the "wet" from melting ice they aren't actually lowering body temperature. Certain types of "cooling" vests and garments can actually raise body temperature.


A family company

Founded in 1997,  by Chad Watson, Kool Collar is the original dog cooling collar. Kool Collar was started after the tragedy of Chad losing his own dog to heat stroke.

The first prototype was sewn in a friend's basement and now Kool Collar has been going over 20 years strong. Through online and brick and mortar retailers, Kool Collar is sold all over the world.

Chad still manages the company and is grateful to be able to lead the Kool Collar team with the shared goal of protecting dogs. 


How to set up an account

Opening up a wholesale account is easy! We have options to accommodate small retailers to large volume online retailers to large chains. Need help with your order? No problem. We are here to help and can assist you with choosing the best products for your location.

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How does Kool Collar work

We use evaporative cooling to create artificial sweat on your dog

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Learn about the Kool Collar Story

Since 1997, Kool Collar has been dedicated to protecting dogs from the heat