Kool Tubes

Kool Tubes

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  • Freezable tubes for Kool Collars

  • Includes 3 Kool Tubes

  • For indoor use

  • Non toxic

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Additional Kool Tubes allow continuous cooling. Simply replace original tube once it’s thawed with another one from the freezer and continue the rotation as needed.

Indoor use - Kool Tubes are intended to be used anytime it's not practical to have your dog dripping water from melting ice in the Kool Collar. Each Kool Tube usually lasts about 30-50 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and the dog's activity level. Kool Tubes are a semi-disposable, non-toxic, and non-staining alternative to ice. They are perfect for use inside the house, traveling in a motor home, car, truck, etc.

Kool Tubes are not intended to be used outdoors. The cooling energy is enough to "take the edge off" in reasonable indoor temps, but not enough to thoroughly cool your dog outdoors. Using the Kool Tube that came with the original Kool Collar along with the 3 included with the refill pack will allow for perpetual indoor cooling. Freeze all Kool Tubes and cycle them through your Kool Collar as they melt. This will ensure that your dog stays constantly cooled.

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