Kool Collars

Kool Collars

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  • Adjustable to fit most breeds

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  • Includes 1 Kool Tube

  • Made in the USA

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Outdoors - Fill the Kool Collar with ice. The melting ice runs down the front of the dog and not only offers a comfortable cool sensation, but also more importantly promotes evaporative cooling over the very vascular chest area of the dog. This simulates artificial sweat and the action of the water evaporating cools the core temperature of the dog.

Indoors - Cycle freezer tubes from your freezer to the collar. Kool Tubes are intended to be used when it is not practical to have your dog dripping water from using ice in the Kool Collar. Kool Tubes are a semi-disposable, non-toxic, and non-staining alternative to ice. It is perfect for use inside the house, traveling in a motor home, car, truck, etc.

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