Most dog cooling products are not effective

Most dog cooling products are not very effective at best and at worst, can actually create a thermal trap for dogs.

Evaporative Cooling

Why aren't other products effective? Because they aren't using true evaporative cooling (even when they say they are). Evaporative cooling happens when there is water on the skin, the water absorbs body heat, the water turns into a gas and leaves the skin's surface, removing heat with it.

In other words, each drop of melted ice from a Kool Collar will evaporate, taking a bit of your dog's body heat away with every drop. All that melting ice is also running down a dog's chest which is the largest muscle group and most vascular area.

As humans, we often don't realize that products or gear that feel "cool" to the touch, while maybe comforting to a dog, is doing nothing to reduce body temperature. Only water evaporating from the skin of your dog will do this, you need the "wet".

Products that you get wet and wring out do not create evaporative cooling, they don't drip water on your dog's skin and they dry out quickly. And what happens to your dog's temperature once the cooling gear is dry? The various products and gear that use a gel or some kind of cooling pack are not creating the "wet" on your dog's skin. There are multiple cooling products on the market that brag about keeping your dog DRY but still claim they use evaporative cooling. Fans are not effective because dog's don't sweat, there isn't perspiration on their skin to evaporate.

Have you seen various products showing before and after thermal images using their cooling product? The after image always shows a reduced temperature. This is inaccurate and misleading, it is only measuring the temperature of the exterior of your dog's fur, not their core temperature or if the cooling gear is effective at all. While it may not be the most enjoyable thing you and your dog will ever do together, the ONLY way to accurately assess his temperature is by using a rectal thermometer.

heat stroke in dogs is not uncommon-2.png

Heat stroke is a very real and is a very dangerous situation. The statistics are alarming, more than 50% of dog's diagnosed with heat stroke do not survive and heat stroke can be fatal in as little as 15 minutes. Heat stroke is an agonizing and painful death. We have heard from many dog owners who have lost their dog's to heat stroke, the stories and pictures are heartbreaking.

We always appreciate innovation, improvement or healthy competition, but this is deeply personal for us. Our founder lost a dog to heat stroke years ago and after much research created Kool Collar. So we take exception when someone is marketing dog cooling gear that doesn't cool dogs or protect them from heat.

So whatever you choose to do, please protect your dog from the heat! You need WET dripping on the skin of your dog, preferably his neck and chest, to keep them cool. We never want anyone to experience the pain and guilt of losing a canine member of the family to an avoidable case of heat stroke.