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Keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable.



Kool Collar helps protect your dog from heat stroke and other heat related health problems.


How does Kool Collar work?

melting ice cools your dog

Melting ice cools your dog's core temperature

Melting ice runs down the neck and chest of your dog and evaporates, creating a powerful and effective cooling mechanism over the most vascular and muscular area of your dog to cool their core body temperature.

fill your Kool Collar with ice

Fill your Kool Collar with ice

Dogs don't sweat out excess body heat, they need help. Kool Collar simulates artificial perspiration on your dog, similar to how humans cool their body temperature.

Melting ice not only offers a comfortable cool sensation but uses evaporative cooling to keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable.

use Kool Tubes indoors

Use Kool Tubes for indoor use

Our freezable Kool tubes are a dry alternative to dripping ice. Kool Tubes are intended to be used anytime it is not practical to have your dog dripping water.

They are perfect for use inside the house, traveling in a motor home, car, truck, etc. Kool Tubes are non-toxic and non-staining.


I love Kool Collar, my vet loves Kool Collar and my dog loves it too! It regulates her temperature better than a cooling vest that costs 4 times more. It really is a great lifesaving product and every dog should have one!


How is Kool Collar Different?

Most other dog cooling products are not effective at reducing a dog's core temperature. Kool Collar is different from every other dog cooling product, we use melting ice! Other products may feel "cool" to to the touch, but without the "wet" from melting ice they aren't actually lowering body temperature.

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Evaporative Cooling

Humans use evaporative cooling through sweat or perspiration to reduce heat. It is extremely effective and efficient but dogs don't sweat.

Imagine every droplet of sweat takes a bit of body heat away when it evaporates. Kool Collar uses melting ice to create evaporative cooling on your dog's skin.

Reduces Core Temperature

As melting ice evaporates from your dog's skin, it removes body heat with it. Melting ice is also running down the most muscular and vascular area of your dog. This means Kool Collar is actually lowering your dog's core body temperature. 

Other cooling products that use cooling gel, frozen packs or you get damp and wring out the water will not reduce a dog's core temperature. You need wet, dripping ice to cool your dog. 

Won't Overheat

Other cooling products can actually be counterproductive. Not only are they not effective at lowering core temperature, but heavy, cumbersome or large "cooling" products can generate more heat in an animal and requires them to work even harder.

Anytime you have a thermal transfer device (certain cooling garments), once it stops cooling then it starts heating creating a thermal trap.

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