My dog Angus is a Chiweenie, half Dachshund half Chihuahua. At 10 months old he was so lethargic he could barely move. Many vets, x-ray, EKG and a canine cardiologist later, he was diagnosed with a severely and probably fatal enlarged heart from a genetic defect. The cardiologist put him on a twice daily heart medication to make his heart beat harder as it was so big and muscular it could barely move.

He told me he didn't know if Angus would live a day, a week or possibly a year, but we would never be an old dog. He's now 2 and a half. He still can't walk far or handle heat. I could barely keep him outside at all when it's even slightly hot.

I happened to find a KoolCollar at a boutique sometime last year. It's been a God send. I can take him on walks, he can still only walk about half a block, but I can carry him around because he does like it outside. When he gets stressed and starts to overheat, his heart starts to beat too hard and stops, which has happened a few times. Now I can put his collar on and it keeps him cool, I can avoid the emergency vet. It has improved his quality of life. Thank you so much for creating this incredible tool. Angus thanks you, too.