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Keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable.




Kool Collar has been protecting dogs from the heat since 1997. We are still a family operated company at our facility in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Kool Collar company vision is truly for the love of dogs. Our entire Kool Collar team is committed to educating and helping you protect your dog from the heat. What motivates us is that our collars are saving dogs' lives every single day.

If we could share one message with dog owners and handlers everywhere it would be, give your dog what he needs, but can’t ask for. Keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable!




Kool Collar was founded by Chad after he lost a beautiful and cherished dog, Buddy. His family vacation went tragically wrong when Buddy and succumbed to heatstroke. Chad had an idea to keep the same preventable situation from happening to other families. Out of his tragedy came the innovation of Kool Collar.

Kool Collar simulates sweat through evaporative cooling. The collar holds ice that slowly melts, allowing cool water to drip down a dog’s chest across the heart and largest muscles and most vascular area of the dog. As the water evaporates, it cools the dog, keeping his core body temperature under control.

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How does Kool Collar work

We use evaporative cooling to create artificial sweat on your dog

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