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Keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable.



Protect your best friend from heat exhaustion or stroke with Kool Collar. The original fill with ice dog cooling collar!


Heat Stroke In Dogs


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"Overheated dogs can suffer heat stroke or sudden death from cardiac arrhythmias."

-AKC Canine Health Foundation


Keeping your dog cool is more than a comfort issue - it's a serious health issue that affects thousands of dogs every year. Overheating in dogs can lead to serious and potentially fatal conditions such as heat stroke, organ failure, cardiac arrest and neurological issues.

Unlike people, dogs don't sweat out excess body heat, they rely on panting to cool their body temperature. This is extremely inefficient and isn't enough to keep him from getting overheated. Dogs can easily overexert themselves in warm weather and are much more susceptible to overheating than people. Heat stress or stroke can even happen on a mild day during regular outdoor activity. 

"The heat-related death of a beloved pet is a tragic, completely preventable situation."

-Dr. Karen Becker DVM


Dogs at extra risk

While all dogs are at risk for overheating, some dogs are more prone to it than others. Certain dogs face an additional risk for heat stroke, exhaustion or just being able to safely enjoy outdoor activity.

Brachiocephalic (flat face) breeds are less effective at panting because of the shape of their faces. Long haired, overweight, elderly, very young, working or hunting, extremely active or a dog with health problems must take additional precautions to protect them from the heat.

Dogs not acclimated to a new environment, with otherwise moderate temperatures also have an increased risk of overheating.

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Evaporative Cooling

Kool Collar is a must for all dogs to protect them from overheating. Kool Collar uses melting ice to act as sweat on your dog. It's easy and extremely effective. Just fill your Kool Collar with ice!

When melted ice runs down the neck and chest of your dog and evaporates from their skin, powerful and effective evaporative cooling takes place. This is similar to how humans cool down by sweating, we are creating artificial perspiration on your dog.

Kool Collar is vet recommended for a safe and effective way to keep your dog cool.


Kool Collar has been a life saver in hot weather! My little Boston Terrier does not handle heat well and this cools her right down. The melting ice runs down her neck and chest, keeping her heart rate and body temp down.


Use Kool Collar to keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable.

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We use evaporative cooling to create artificial sweat on your dog

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