Testimonials from our happy and safe customers...


I purchased a Kool Collar for my English Bulldog because it gets hot here in the summer and bulldogs are very prone to overheating. He knows that when I grab his collar and head to the freezer he gets to wear his Kool Collar. He loves it.


My Rhodesian Ridgeback has had her Kool Collar over a year now and we never travel far without it! It’s been great at outdoor agility trials during the summertime. It keeps her cool while we wait our turn and she recovers a lot quicker after she runs. She also loves to lay lazily about in the yard and sunbathe on her days off and I never worry she will overheat when she has her Kool Collar on. It really is a great, lifesaving product and every dog should have one!


This is the first lab we’ve had that overheats when she plays. Once we discovered the Kool Collar it’s been a lifesaver. Our dog gets so excited when we get ready to put the Kool Collar on her. I’m impressed with the durability. We had some issues with the cool packs leaking and Kool Collar replaced them no questions asked. We will continue to use this product.


I was surprised at how energetic the dogs were and they did not seem to be affected by the heat as much as I thought they would. When I bring them in the house I use the blue gel tubes and it works great!


When I pull the Kool Collar out my dog, Dexter comes right over to me and waits patiently as I put in the Kool Tubes. When I have to change the tube he follows me into the kitchen and watches intently while I change the tube. We’ve decided it’s his security blanket in the hot weather.